Welcome to MultiRotorMania.com!

We are two Brians in Northern California coming to you with the best in affordable, quality multirotor parts and accessories.

  I have been in the RC industry for 12 years and the hobby for 25, but the majority of my experience is with fixed wing aircraft. Over a year ago, I let the MR bug bite me and that was it, hooked. All my planks are just gathering dust now.  A lot of you might recognize the username "punkindrublik" from numerous RC sites out there. Well, that's me. I’ve been selling RC equipment for well over a decade and those of you that know me understand how important customer service and quality products are in my dealings.

  Our other Brian has joined me in this project bringing with him his vast knowledge of multirotor and FPV experience. With over 3 years experience with Long Range FPV & everything MultiRotor, he brings the technical side that's so needed in this business. I can thank him for teaching me everything I know about MultiRotors (and he’s still teaching me something new every day).

  After having some trouble getting parts for our personal builds, we decided to source them elsewhere. And now that we've found these amazing products, we decided to bring them to you. He will be doing the majority of testing, documenting and providing support for our products.  While I will be working 7 days a week to bring you the best MultiRotor parts, and spending every waking moment of my day getting your order out before the Post Office Closes!!!

Between the two of us, we have the qualities that are exactly what you need from an online retailer:
 - Great products
 - Unmatchable customer service
 - Full product support
 - Fast and very reasonable shipping
 - The knowledge and motivation to make this the best Multirotor store on the web.

So come on in, spend a few bucks and see just what it is we bring to the table. We look forward to servicing you and your products for a long time to come.
Happy Flying Everybody!

-Brian (and Brian)
Team MRM

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