We love hearing from our customers, and we have been getting some excellent feedback we would like to share:

Just wanted to give you a heads up that I got the DragonFly32, your $18 GPS and a FlyTrex working tonight. Along with the GPS I'm using your PMW to PPM converter and running status LED's off the DragonFly32 (using the CleanFlight firmware).
Love your products, keep up the great work!

- Chris, Hollister California

Hey Brian,
Just wanted to let you know the MRM ESCs are water resistant! Lol I clipped a tree, bounced off the ground and into a canal....blasted everything with air and then put everything in rice for 48 hours...everything survived, including fpv gear!

-Mike, South Florida

Leaving the plug n play, flyaway world of various "ready to fly" quads with questionable flight controllers, I never had a horrible experience, but knew it was just a matter of time. I also swapped to FrSky so I went full in. I could not be more enthusiastic. At the same time, the 250 mini bug caught me. Interesting times. I started with a 250 build. Used Baseflight, flashed, setup per gobs of threads and YT vids, bound, and my maiden flight was more dialed in than some of my veteran friends. I was blown away. Easy setup, robust board, outstanding flight control, and a company that made me feel confident I could do this... I am blown away. I've yet to find a reason to tune the PID's, it flies on rails. But when I get there I know this group will set me straight. Thanks MRM! So, so happy!
With MRM, I feel like I left "newb" status. This is so fun.
Thanks so much!
-Jeff, Fair Oaks California