MRM Titan 2208-2000kv Brushless Motor

MRM Titan 2208-2000kv Brushless Motor





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Our own line of high quality motors!

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We found a manufacturer with a motor we just couldn't pass up. This little beast is a true powerhouse for it's size. Factory balanced, these smooth running motors will turn your little 250 into a true mini monster!

Runs on 2-4s and will provide smooth, reliable power. And lots of it.

And a feature we love, this motor comes with a countersunk c-clip, so you can mount it to any flat surface. Doesn't need a hole or x-mount!


- 43 grams
- 5mm hollow shaft - very robust but still lightweight
- Oversize bearings for extra smooth operation
- 150mm soft silcone wires
- 2-4s capable
- M3 16x19mm mounting


- Spinner adapter
- T-style adapter
- all bolts for adapters and mounting

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Robert H 05/10/2017

Nice motors, but maybe a touch delicate

I love these motors, I have them running on my 6 inch and I am getting great performance out of them. The punch out great and provide plenty of torque. My only issue is I have only crashed this copter twice, both times just hitting a gate. One the 2nd crash 2 of these motors went Tango Uniform and had broken magnets. I got 2 replacements so I'll just have to see how they continue to hold up.

robert h 02/05/2017

Awesome!worth every penny and more

These motors are super smooth torque monsters.Im using them to run 6 in triblades and they spin them easily.after a hard flight with plenty of punch outs and full throttle runs they come down cold.not even a little warm .I like these so much that I ordered the 2206 2150 kV for another build .

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MRM Titan 2208-2000kv Brushless Motor

MRM Titan 2208-2000kv Brushless Motor

Our own line of high quality motors!

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