100% Carbon Fiber 250mm Mini Frame

MRM250 V3 Mini 250mm Frame



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An absolutely awesome budget (and pretty cool looking) mini 250mm FPV Quad! Guaranteed to be 100% Carbon Fiber

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We searched high and low for a manufacturer that could guarantee us 100% 3k Twill Weave kits and we found one that is outstanding. No fiberglass mix or veneer. Just nicely CNC'd, high quality, pure Carbon Fiber construction.

We've updated the MRM250 (ZMR) to this beauty. This is a great mini frame with plenty of room for all of your mini FPV gear & a mobius HD camera or similar.  This frame is cut from superb quality twill weave 3k carbon fiber with thick 3mm arms.  This frame is extremely light weight and is a great fit for our 2204 or 2206 series motors! Want to run 6" props? No problem!

Notable changes/upgrades - 

New angled Mobius mount.
New MRM arms.
Adjustable Mini Cam mount (up to 35 degrees) or 30 degree angled plate mount - both included
Front plate cut away for 40 degree FPV camera angle
Balance points on top and bottom plate
More usable battery strap locations
Holes for screw access on bottom plate
ESC zip tie mounting positions on bottom plate (for spacer users)
VTX mount with holes for viewing dip switches or display.
Still works with all aftermarket MRM/ZMR PDBs, printed parts and accessories!

NOTE: This version III frame requires our new MRM/OSO Super Simple PDB which is specially designed for the improvements made to this frame.  

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Thabo D 08/17/2016

THIS frame is the clear winner

Bought a 450 frame as a starter and like everyone else I wanted to dabble in a bit of racing. I did a lot of research and this is the frame that people were recommending on Reddit and RCGroups. So i bought it and waited (2 weeks) to arrive in Brisbane Australia, and I'm so happy I did. This frame has been put through the bloody ringer. I've had full power on steep dives into hard red dirt and the only thing to break have been the electric components I got from elsewhere. This frame isn't showing signs of wear at all (apart from the dirt). I do recommend once you get it to file down all the edges, and take your time. I didn't do it carefully enough and a couple of my batteries were sliced on the hard crashes, totally my fault. Once you do that, add a bit of glue to the edges to make sure its sealed again, and youre off! Also, order the upgrade arms. I still have the originals with me, but I bought the upgraded 5mm arms just to be sure to be sure that they would never break, and sure enough theyve stood up to my level of abuse. 10/10 for the frame and communication with the order, would order again.

Ivan Q 07/17/2016

250 mrm frame

I have been flying this frame for a week now with the mini titan v2 2204 2300kv motors I have broken one arm all of tthe frame stand off have all stripped poor camera mount fitment causing the top plate to brake in a light crash on grass over all its a very horrible poor quality frame feel like I have wasted my money

Shane W 05/11/2016

Excellent Frame

This frame is an excellent substitute to the original ZMR, it is better in every way. I dont know why the first reviewer stated that this is heavy because I performed a hand in hand weight comparison to the original ZMR frame and WOW! It is much lighter, I haven't had a chance to test durability yet but, there is nothing alarming and my educated guess is that it is as durable or more durable than the original. I will make one recommendation to the purchaser, before you build, get yourself some high quality diamond files and finish all edges, this gets rid of the sharp edges and creates a smooth transition, which should help in the event of a crash and or keeping your straps from snapping. A+ and Five Stars to MRM for this Winner of a frame!

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Ricky A 03/09/2016

Awesome frame

Just got my frame in and it's awesome! Just beware that you cannot run the full size super had sony cameras. The 35mm x 35mm square ones.

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MRM250 V3 Mini 250mm Frame

MRM250 V3 Mini 250mm Frame

An absolutely awesome budget (and pretty cool looking) mini 250mm FPV Quad! Guaranteed to be 100% Carbon Fiber

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